Dorin Recean and Simon Springett discuss the achievements of the UN-Moldova cooperation framework in 2023

The achievements of the United Nations (UN) Country Team in Moldova in 2023 and opportunities for strategic collaboration in the current year were discussed today, 23 April, at the meeting of the UN-Moldova Coordination Committee, chaired by Prime Minister Dorin Recean and UN Resident Coordinator in Moldova Simon Springett.

The Prime Minister of Moldova thanked the 24-agency country team for their effort and commitment to building a better and inclusive future for all Moldovan citizens. The achievements reviewed include promoting human rights and gender equality, strengthening institutional capacities, improving the quality of education, health services, and social assistance, and strengthening local infrastructure. In particular, the contribution of the UN team in managing the refugee crisis was noted.

It also stressed the need to strengthen efforts in 2024 to achieve the objectives included in the Government’s Programme of Activities and the National Development Strategy “European Moldova 2030”, and the priorities for accession to the European Union.

“Moldova has a modernization agenda that it is pursuing to join the big European family. We are working together on the strategic objectives to increase the quality of public services, create opportunities to improve the lives of citizens, support entrepreneurs, and become a more resilient society,” Prime Minister Recean said.


At the same time, the UN Resident Coordinator in Moldova assured that the organization will remain a reliable partner of the Government.

“Your priorities are also our priorities. At the heart of all our efforts are always the people of Moldova, especially women, children and young people, people with disabilities, refugees, migrants, and the elderly,” said Simon Springett.

In 2023, the UN Country Team supported the launch of several ambitious social reforms, including the reform of the social assistance system, the labor market, and early childcare services to improve the quality of life for vulnerable groups of the population.

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