Liviu Vovc: Russians are betting on Shor and are trying to control the political situation in Moldova

The citizens of Moldova are lucky that Ukraine is resisting, and so Russia cannot reach the border with its army. It is why Russia is trying to continue to control the situation in Moldova politically and comes up with all sorts of scenarios, such as the creation of the “Pobeda” bloc by the criminal Ilan Shor in Moscow, according to

“What happened in Moscow shows that the Russians are betting on Shor for them. It doesn’t matter which cases he is in. Unfortunately, not only these parties that appeared at the event in Russia are Moscow’s satellites in Moldova, but other parties stayed here at home. The PSRM we see is on the second plane. It is still dependent on the Russian Federation. Other newly emerged parties are going to be unmasked in the elections”, commented the representative of the Dignity and Truth Platform, Liviu Vovc.


In his opinion, the stakes for the Russian Federation are the presidential and parliamentary elections.

“They want a majority to block the process of European integration, and that would support the atrocities committed by Russia. It is why we urge the pro-European forces, we all understand how important the upcoming elections are, to consolidate ourselves to prevent them from taking control of Moldova,” Liviu Vovc added.

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