Dorin Recean: “Census data will help us to build Europe at home”

During the launch event of the Population and Housing Census, Prime Minister Dorin Recean fervently called upon all citizens to actively participate in this national endeavor, scheduled from April 8th to July 7th. Emphasizing the indispensable role of the census data in driving social development and infrastructure projects, the government’s communication department relayed his message.

“In embracing this census, we equip ourselves with vital data essential for shaping the future of our nation. This information will serve as the cornerstone for infrastructure development, educational modernization, and the enhancement of social and healthcare services. Moreover, it will enable us to meticulously plan our daily lives, fostering the realization of a smarter Europe within our borders,” the Prime Minister underscored.

The census, conducted once every decade, is mandated by the Population and Housing Census Law, making participation obligatory.


“I implore each citizen to cooperate with the over 4,000 census enumerators who will diligently visit households nationwide during this period. Furthermore, I urge you to rally your family, friends, and neighbors to partake in this crucial exercise. It is only through collective engagement that we can chart our national priorities and advance together,” he affirmed.

The 2024 Population and Housing Census is orchestrated by the National Statistics Bureau, with collaborative support from the Government of Moldova, the European Union, and the UN Population Fund.

For details, interested parties are encouraged to visit the National Statistics Bureau’s website.

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