Dumitru Alaiba, on the problem of inflation: We have short, medium and long-term solutions

In the context of inflation in the Republic of Moldova, which, with just under 30 percent, “beats the film” on the European continent, being surpassed only by that in Turkey, the government has short, medium and long term solutions, which will be applied. This was stated by Dumitru Alaiba, chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Economy, Budget and Finance, Member of the Action and Solidarity Party, during the public debate “Prices and Inflation through Political, Economic and Social Perspectives”, which took place at the IPN News Agency. .

“We are mobilizing all possible resources to support the current needs of the budget and the population. I am considering, first of all, external financing. From the International Monetary Fund alone, we have a $ 800 million program. Generosity proves that our partners also understand the precarious situation of the Republic of Moldova. Internally, we will have a series of adjustments, including in the tax system, in the functioning of the business environment to support the economy “, the deputy emphasized.

In the medium term, Dumitru Alaiba believes that the Government’s mission is not to allow the current level of inflation and the current crisis to “turn into a disaster in the next two years”.

Alaiba said that abuses by monopolies and oligopolies, which allow unjustified price increases for some products, will not be tolerated.

“In these cases, the interventions are punctual. The investigations of the Competition Council are ongoing and this is correct in order to ensure the democratic conduct of these processes. At the same time, the government has certain punitive tools to punish dishonest “swindlers”. And they all experiment. Thus, the quality of managing this crisis depends on the way we think about our decisions and interventions. The idea is not to perpetuate a disaster in the coming years “, Alaiba added.

The deputy also stated that in the short term we are in an extremely delicate situation, but it is important to make decisions that lead to the improvement of the situation in the medium term, which will determine the long-term development.

“I hope that in ten years few people will remember the inflation indicators of the first quarters of 2022. The important thing is to do everything right. When people look back and see that their wages have increased 3-4-5 times during this period, they will see that the economy has grown, that the country has changed for the better… This is possible. Some countries have made huge leaps in just two terms. In addition, in the years to come, people will remember not the crisis of the first half of 2022, but how this war in Ukraine ended. It is very important for the free world to support democracy and freedom in our region, as well as respect for international law “, the deputy revealed.

It is important to note that inflation in the Republic of Moldova has exceeded 27% and is expected to go over 30% in autumn.

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