Dynamism and color! New media art elements to be introduced in museums and wineries in Moldova

Museums will become spaces for a world of the future, where visitors of all ages will be able to explore history and art in an unusual way. Cultural institutions, but also some wineries with tourist facilities, will integrate the technologies and elements of new-media art, to create immersive exhibitions and digital installations, so that finally, visitors and tourists can have the most complex experiences.

In the “Museums of the Future” competition, nine wineries, 23 museums from the whole country, as well as 100 artists and professionals from the creative industry have entered, who will present their ideas during the Pitching Day. So far, the teams have benefited from mentoring and pieces of training for the development of joint projects.

The 15 teams already formed, will come on March 21 in front of a specialized jury, to convince them that their ideas deserve to be supported and put into operation by the end of this year.

Subsequently, museums and wineries will include the immersive experiences developed by the creative teams in their tourism offers and promote them to both domestic and international visitors.


Among the ideas proposed, there are projects that integrate immersive experiences, Projection Mapping, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Holo / Streaming in real time, Sensors (motion trackers, sound, touch), and other available technologies.

The “Museums of the Future” project aims to increase the visibility of cultural institutions by integrating innovations and, respectively, modernizing spaces, in the context in which the products of the creative industries are increasingly integrated into various projects, in order to offer new experiences to consumers and, above all, to be able to respond consumer demands of different audiences.

The initiative encourages the collaboration of cultural and tourism institutions in the country with artists and professionals in the creative industry and offers them space for artistic expression and monetization of visitor experiences.

“Museums of the Future” is a project implemented by Artcor, the COR Creative Companies Association, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, with the support of USAID, Sweden, and Great Britain through the Future Technologies Project and the Rural Competitiveness and Resilience Project.

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