EAR Media – the first photography production agency in Moldova

A new company appears on the Moldovan market. Photographer Lawrence Vacarciuc launches EAR Media – the first production agency specializing in photography in Moldova. The company is made up of a team of photographers, stylists and other specialists who will help create a perfect visual image for customers.

So far, the company can boast of beautiful results from collaborations with Swarovski, Versace, Pearly Smile, Medpark International Hospital, Silpo Ukraine and others.

“Our goal is to develop the creative industries in Moldova, especially the photography industry, we will focus on introducing new visual techniques on the market, implementing the creative resources of our local photographers and our whole team”, said Vacarciuc for bani.md.

“For us, it is extremely important that the photographer does not remain and consider himself as a simple craftsman, but invests in his vision and creativity so he would introduce in the end something new and interesting in terms of visual techniques to our local developing market, ” added him. 

In the field of video production, EAR Media collaborates with representatives of Trofilm GroUP. Avilion Models Agency also offers professional casting of models and actors, individually for each project.

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