The Constantin Mimi Foundation supports refugees from Ukraine

The Constantin Mimi Foundation was launched in 2016. This foundation was intended to support projects in the field of culture and education, regional development, as well as ecological projects. Among the initiatives successfully supported by the Foundation in recent years are scholarships for students, festivals and afforestation activities.

All the charity actions will take place as part of the “Frați fără frontiere” or „Brothers without borders” campaign, „because humanity does not have citizenship ”, said Cristina Frolov, the President of the “Constantin Mimi” Foundation, according to 

The campaign was launched on March 3rd and involves the financing of support projects, as well as the involvement of teams from various fields and specializations in helping refugees and vulnerable groups in the Republic of Moldova.

In this charity campaign are also actively involved the Foundation’s partners. Castel Mimi opened two points with hot food and drinks, and at one of them we provided a Wi-Fi access point for 500 people simultaneously. At the same time, the Jolly Alon Hotel decided to offer accommodation services without commercial addition, the accommodation of refugees being a priority, and the Bulboaca Distillery made available to the points through which refugees pass or stay the necessary amount of disinfectant.

Only in the first week of its activity, the foundation accumulated donations of over one hundred thousand lei, which were used to buy and donate things of primary necessity like mattresses, pillows, sets of underwear and blankets.

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