Eastern Partnership Progress Report: Moldova and Ukraine Shine Amidst Challenges

A collaborative study among Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries shows that Moldova and Ukraine stand out with the most significant progress indicators within the partnership. Presented at a press conference by the Association for Foreign Policy (APE), the study assesses various sectors, emphasizing the crucial role of civil society in EU-driven projects.

Natalia Stercul, APE’s Executive Director, highlighted the challenges and successes in Moldova’s journey toward European integration. Despite global democratic setbacks and regional complexities, Moldova’s government has showcased governance abilities. The study addresses justice and human rights challenges, with Stercul underscoring the importance of the National Development Strategy 2030.

Sergiy Gerasymchuk, Deputy Executive Director at the Council on Foreign Policy “Ukrainian Prism,” provided insights into the three-year project measuring progress within the Eastern Partnership. While recognizing the active civil society in all six countries, Gerasymchuk stressed the broader goal of the partnership—to enhance the lives of citizens in EU’s neighboring countries.

Note: IPN Agency grants the right to reply to individuals feeling targeted in news produced based on statements from this press conference, including facilitating the organization of another press conference under similar conditions.


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