Ecological threat to Moldova as a result of the Russian bombings in Ukraine

A rocket exploded at one of the substations of the energy system in the Lviv region, Ukraine. Because of them, oil from transformers and capacitors was spilled into one of the small tributaries of the Dniester.

The economic agent that manages the substation, jointly with the State Service for Emergency Situations in the region, tried with their own forces to remove the contamination by means of the oil collection terminals on the surface. The laboratory services in the region of Lviv, Ivano-Frakovsk, Chernivtsi, and Mogilau announced that the situation is under the control of the relevant services, which are taking the necessary measures to prevent the substance from reaching the Dniester.

According to the Ministry of the Environment in Chisinau, there is still a risk that the oil will end up in the river, but by monitoring several parameters, the specialists find that the pollution will be mitigated until it enters the tail of its reservoir.


Thanks to the two reservoirs, it will contribute significantly to the retention of polluting substances, preventing their transport along the river course on the segment of the Republic of Moldova. We mention that the environmental reference laboratory of the Environment Agency collaborates with the Water Resources Basin Directorate of the Prut and Siret Rivers, of the State Agency of Ukraine on Water Resources with branches in Chernivtsi and Moghilau. Together they monitor the Dniester sector on the territory of Ukraine and about which we are systematically informed. About all the changes, the changes in the chemical composition of the water quality in the Dniester river on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, the Environment Agency will promptly inform the control and decision-making bodies, civil society, and the population, regarding the degree of pollution“, points out the Ministry of the Environment.

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