The capital of Moldova, seen from the sky! Discover the video project “Chisinau – my beloved city”

Alexandru Chiriac films and photographs places and people in Chisinau, turning everything into a true work of art. As a photographer, he tries to present his hometown in the best possible light and confesses that he has always wanted to create a video that will give viewers chills. Thanks to Chisinau City Hall, this goal became achievable.

Currently, Alexandru is involved in the project “Chisinau – my beloved city”, which aims to develop the tourist and cultural potential of the city, through three video spots.

According to the young man, the project is on its last hundred meters and there are only a few days left until the residents of the Capital will be able to view what he calls the “visiting card” of the city.

“I put in a lot of work. Filming lasted practically a year. Unfortunately, the project started in the summer. We would have liked to surprise by what the city looks like in the spring. I think I will film again in the spring and complete the project”.


Although he wants to capture what the Capital looks like in the spring, the photographer believes that the city of Chisinau is beautiful in any season, regardless of the weather.

“If we talk about our parks – and they are very many, beautiful and restored – even in foggy weather, when it’s cold or when it’s gloomy outside – you can always find elements pleasing to the eye. I think everything varies depending on the mood and state of mind.”

Since he always films from a height, Alexandru suggests that the residents and guests of the Capital try to see what the city looks like from above, for example, from a hot air balloon. From there you can see the structure of the city, like a skeleton or a small map.

“We need the city of Chisinau to become more interesting and alive. Why do we do this? We want to attract as many tourists as possible. The purpose of the video is to demonstrate that our city is growing and, with each passing year, it is getting better and better”, concludes Alexandru.

Project financed and implemented by Chisinau City Hall, through the Chisinau Civil Budget Program, 2022 edition.

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