Moldova to face another price rise for electricity?

Electricity could become more expensive. informs that Moldelectrica has asked the National Agency for Energy Regulation to approve a higher tariff by 82.2%, to 0.264 bani kW/h, according to the request submitted to the agency.

Moldelectrica justifies the increase in the transport tariff with the significant increase in losses and technological consumption in the network. The phenomenon is especially evident from March 2022, being a consequence of the synchronization of the energy systems of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine with the European one from March 16, 2022.

Currently, the electricity tariff for household consumers served by Premier Energy is 4.62 lei kW/h. Those served by FEE Nord pay 4.65 lei kW/h.

The last change in electricity tariffs was approved at the beginning of December. Then, Andrei Spînu promised that we could have new discounts at the beginning of 2023.


The electricity tariff was reduced last time after the Republic of Moldova gave up electricity from Romania which cost us 231 euros MW/h, and the tariff for domestic consumers reached almost 6 lei KW/h. Now, Chisinau procures electricity from Cuciurgan, with USD 73.MW/h, in exchange for the gas it gave to Tiraspol – 5.7 million cubic meters/day.

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