“Education and Research Play a Crucial Role in the Economic Future of Moldova,” claims Governor Anca Dragu

The National Bank of Moldova (NBM) will pay increased attention to research and interaction with the academic environment, considering these aspects crucial for improving the economic, and financial banking policies of the Republic of Moldova. The statement was made by the Governor of the NBM, Anca Dragu, during yesterday’s meeting with professors from the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (ASEM).

“This visit demonstrates my appreciation for the academic environment and recognition of the need for education, anywhere in the world. Education makes the difference between a rising country, a developing country, and a country that does not develop,” mentioned Anca Dragu.


The Governor added that, in the coming period, the NBM will focus significantly on research and interaction with the academic environment.

“We will organize more meetings with specialists from various fields to discuss the economic direction. We can debate monetary policy decisions and, in general, the needs society sees,” said the new head of the NBM.

Professors from ASEM welcomed the NBM’s openness to new collaboration initiatives. Previous agreements between the National Bank and ASEM have provided students with the opportunity to participate in training and events alongside representatives of the central bank, according to ASEM representatives.

During the meeting, the “Modern Finance School” program was mentioned, carried out by the NBM in collaboration with the National Bank of Romania and the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies (ASE București). The project was launched last summer and is aimed at master’s students and final-year undergraduate students at ASEM. The program highlights the commitment to the professional development of young people and the deepening of financial-banking knowledge in line with European Union standards.

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