Romanian company OPCOM will be appointed responsible for the electricity market in Moldova

The limited liability company “Energy Market Operator M” is to be designated electricity market operator responsible for the creation and functioning of organized electricity markets in the Republic of Moldova. This company is a subsidiary of OPCOM, the Romanian electricity and gas market operator.

According to a decision drafted by the Ministry of Energy, the market operator has responsibility for managing and facilitating transactions and operations on the electricity market. Through the operator, the market is to work more efficiently, ensuring a better energy supply and optimizing the use of the available resources, IPN reports.

The electricity market operator must also promote transparency and competition in the energy market. “By establishing and enforcing fair and equitable rules, a market environment in which all participants have equal opportunities to compete is created, which can lead to more competitive prices for consumers,” said the Ministry of Energy.

“The efficient activity of the electricity market operator will contribute to the management of risks related to the supply and trading of electricity. This is important to prevent significant price fluctuations and ensure stability of electricity supply,” reads the draft decision.


The authors of the initiative also emphasize that the designing of the operator will help increase investor confidence.

“Considering that LLC “Energy Market Operator M” is the subsidiary of JSC “OPCOM”, it should be noted that during the past years, the energy markets managed by JSC “OPCOM” in Romania have achieved remarkable results, reflected both by the continuous growth of the traded quantities, supporting the consolidation of the spot price as a reference point for long-term energy trading,  as well as the existence of convincing price signals for different trading horizons. These achievements were possible due to the real interest of energy market participants in using organized environments provided by JSC “OPCOM”, said the Ministry of Energy.

The draft decision was published for public consultations and is to be examined by the Cabinet at a meeting.

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