Efros about the fallen drone fragments: If it is necessary to decide on the closure of the “sky,” it will follow

Two drones that fell in the south of Moldova in February were shot down by Ukrainian air defense. This was stated by the head of the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Moldova, Adrian Efros, in a program on RLIVE TV.

“These fragments of drones are the result of a strike on the regions of Izmail, Reni, destroyed by the air defense systems of Ukraine and fell on the territory of the Republic of Moldova,” Efros said.

He also noted that the drone fragments have been liquidated, and the area is safe, while a criminal case has been opened over the facts of their fall.

Asked about the extent to which Moldova’s airspace is protected in connection with these incidents, the Interior Minister said that “specialized bodies should take into account all vulnerabilities, and if it is necessary to decide on closing the airspace, it will follow.”


“As long as there is no such decision, we can consider that the risks are minimal and the Moldovan airspace is safe for civil aviation,” Efros concluded.

On February 11, fragments of the drone “Shahed” were found near the settlement of Yetulia. According to the Border Police, the drone was shot down by the Ukrainian air defense system during massive Russian attacks on the Ukrainian ports of Izmail and Reni.

The drone’s warhead contained about 50 kg of explosives and was detonated.

The main problem of the Republic of Moldova in the field of defense is that for three decades this policy has been neglected, which is why today Moldova has neither an air defense system nor any warning system in case of danger. About this announces PAS deputy Dorian Istratii.

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