Empowering Moldovan Agriculture: Launch of 10 Regional Agricultural Chambers for Sustainable Development

Starting from the current year, in the Republic of Moldova, 10 regional agricultural chambers will be established, where Moldovan farmers will be trained on how to cultivate high-value-added products and how to write projects to attract investments for business development, writes Radio Moldova.

The Ministry of Agriculture has submitted the necessary documents to the Government for this purpose, and the practice is identical to that in European Union countries.

“When we talk about a project to benefit from subsidies from AIPA [Agency for Interventions and Payments in Agriculture], you need to have the capacity and ability to write that project. Obviously, small-scale farmers with 2, 3, 4, 5 hectares do not have such possibilities. Once again, the agricultural chambers will be the ones to help them, and most importantly: Moldova, being a candidate country, we have opened the negotiation chapter. We will obviously benefit from pre-accession funds, and there again, the need to write those projects will be vital,” emphasizes the Minister of Agriculture, Vladimir Bolea.


The agricultural chambers will be opened in 10 regions of the country. Through these structures, agricultural producers will receive training and consultancy to increase their capacity to absorb available funds for development.

Members of the regional agricultural chambers will be farmers actively engaged in entrepreneurial activities within their respective territorial areas.

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