Architects from Italy will modernize Moldovan hospitals

Moldova’s hospitals fall short of modern architectural standards, according to Alla Nemerenco, the head of the Ministry of Health. Seeking to rectify this situation, the minister aims to enlist the expertise of professionals from the renowned Politecnico di Milano.

Nemerenco expressed her concern after touring numerous hospitals across Moldova, observing a varied state of maintenance. Some facilities had undergone renovations, while others were kept functional to the best of their abilities, and some remained untouched.

She highlighted the disconcerting lack of architectural foresight, citing instances such as low-quality plastic doors in wards and public bathrooms, missing tiles on medical room ceilings, and dangerously slippery corridors and halls even in renovated spaces. Nemerenco took to social media, noting the absence of any mention of adherence to international standards in the construction of medical facilities.


In a bid to usher in “professional architectural solutions” for Moldova’s healthcare infrastructure, the minister convened a second meeting with architects from Politecnico di Milano and representatives from the regional office of the World Health Organization.

Nemerenco underscored the pivotal role of Politecnico di Milano as a key partner and technical support in the renewal of hospital infrastructure. Expressing ambitious aspirations, she declared, “We will have hospitals and medical centers akin to those in Milan, Paris, Geneva.” As evidence of progress, she cited ongoing discussions with Milan specialists regarding the renovation of select departments at the Chisinau Oncology Institute.

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