Erdogan: EU to Block Ukraine and Moldova; Urges Swift Turkish Accession

Erdogan states that the European Union will block Ukraine and Moldova’s accession, asserting that Turkey is more prepared to join than some member states. Turkey claims to have long earned the right to join the EU but is kept in suspense due to political reasons, according to Erdogan.

The EU leaders agreed last week to initiate accession negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova, despite Hungary’s opposition to a new 50-billion-euro financial aid package for Kiev. Erdogan emphasizes Turkey’s readiness and criticizes being held at the EU’s door due to what he calls “political obstacles.”

Turkey’s EU candidacy has stagnated for years due to concerns about Ankara’s human rights record and disagreements on regional policies, including the Eastern Mediterranean and the divided island of Cyprus. Erdogan suggests that progress could be made during Hungary’s EU presidency rotation, citing good relations between Ankara and Budapest.

“EU must now correct this mistake,” concludes Erdogan.

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