EU Ambassador: European Parliament’s Positive Signal on Moldova’s EU Accession Talks

The resolution of the European Parliament that gave a positive opinion on starting accession negotiations with the European Union is a positive signal for both the Republic of Moldova and European institutions, said Janis Mazeiks, the EU Ambassador to Chișinău, in an interview with

“These 9 conditions are not something new; these are the issues that the EU has been talking about for many years, which have been problematic for the Republic of Moldova for a long time. What has changed is the government’s willingness to work and engage in this new field. For me, it’s not just about the EU; it’s about creating a more democratic and equal country,” said the EU Ambassador.

It is worth mentioning that the European Parliament voted yesterday with a large majority in favor of a resolution recommending that European institutions start negotiations with the Republic of Moldova by the end of this year.

The European Commission will assess the fulfillment of the nine recommendations by the end of October, and the final decision will be made by the European Council in December.


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