Wagner Leader Evgheni Prigojin Allegedly Linked to Failed Coup Attempt in Moldova, President Sandu Reveals

Maia Sandu, in an interview with the Financial Times, has claimed that Evgheni Prigojin, the leader of the Wagner Group, may have been behind the failed coup attempt in Moldova. According to her, paramilitaries intended to remove her from power as part of a campaign to destabilize Moldova.

“Russia will increase pressure on Moldova. They tried energy, and they failed. They tried to overthrow the government, and they failed. And now they are trying to interfere massively in our elections using a lot of money,” Sandu said.

The President also referred to cards issued abroad, which were allegedly used to funnel money into the country. Additionally, Sandu mentioned the circulation of cash that could be used for bribing voters.

“The tools they use to bring money into the country are very diverse. We have seen for some time that Moldovans were being sent to Moscow by plane through Georgia. And these people would each bring 10,000 euros. I have recently seen that they were bringing bank cards that were issued in Dubai,” quoted the Financial Times Maia Sandu’s statement.


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