EU and IOM Donation Boosts Moldova’s Border Security with New Vehicles

A total of 30 service vehicles have been added to the Border Police fleet, while an additional seven cars have been provided to the General Inspectorate for Migration. The donation, coming from the European Union and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), is expected to enhance mobility and operational capacities for both the Border Police and the Migration Inspectorate, contributing to increased state border security and efficient management of the migrant flow.

The new vehicles were procured under the project “Supporting the Protection, Transit, Voluntary and Informed Return, and Reintegration of Eastern Partnership Citizens and Third-Country Nationals Affected by the Conflict in Ukraine.”

During the donation ceremony, Adrian Efros, Minister of Internal Affairs, expressed gratitude to the EU and IOM for “contributing to the mobility capabilities of the two components of the Ministry of Internal Affairs through significant equipment provisions with off-road vehicles, 4×4. He emphasized that these new acquisitions assist authorities in providing full support to refugees and significantly expand the fleets of both the Border Police and Migration Inspectorate”.

Jānis Mažeiks, the Ambassador of the European Union to Moldova, highlighted that “this donation reflects the EU’s ongoing support to Moldova in fulfilling its daily tasks of ensuring border security and managing refugee flows. He stated that this assistance allows border personnel to work under improved conditions with equipment tailored to field requirements, showcasing the close collaboration between the EU and the Ministry of Internal Affairs”.

Lars Johan Lönnback, Head of IOM Moldova, expressed confidence that “this support would strengthen the operational capacity of national institutions, particularly in terms of mobility and verification capabilities, ensuring a substantial increase in fulfilling their mandated responsibilities. He emphasized IOM’s intention to continue improving collaboration with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and its specialized agencies in their commitment to ensuring Moldova’s border security and protecting migrants affected by the crisis and human rights, while respecting national sovereignty”.


As part of this project, the Border Police previously received 12 vehicles allocated to subdivisions for daily control and surveillance activities along the state border.

The project, funded by the European Union and implemented by the International Organization for Migration Moldova, runs from February 2022 to February 2025, with a budget of 15 million euros. Primary beneficiaries include citizens of the Eastern Partnership and third-country nationals affected by the conflict in Ukraine. Among the national authorities involved are the Border Police, the General Inspectorate for Migration, and the Customs Service of the Republic of Moldova.

The equipment and reinforcement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs subdivisions align with the Moldovan Government’s seventh priority concerning state border security.

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