EU assistance: The European Commission will provide Moldova with 31 million euros

Today, the parliamentary commission for foreign policy and European integration approved the assessment notice for the negotiation and finalization of the Agreement on financing between Moldova’s government and the European Commission for the EU4 Moldova Integration and Stability Program. This milestone ensures that Moldova will receive a substantial financial assistance package totaling 31 million euros.

The program is designed to bolster Moldova’s resilience and support key reforms, aligning with the objectives outlined in the Association Agenda 2021-2027 and furthering the country’s path towards European Union accession. Out of the total amount, 10 million euros will be allocated to enhancing national capacities in addressing security threats and migration challenges.

An additional 10 million euros will be directed towards the agricultural sector, while the remaining 11 million euros will contribute to various reforms spanning the realms of public finance management, judiciary, competition, labor, and energy efficiency, among others.


This assistance will be delivered through a comprehensive array of mechanisms, including advisory services, analysis, training initiatives, provision of equipment, expert guidance, and grants. The agreement is set to be implemented over a period of 72 months, ensuring sustained support and impactful outcomes for Moldova’s development and integration efforts.

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