EU Executive Recommends Start of Accession Talks with Moldova and Ukraine

The European Union’s executive body will propose on Wednesday the commencement of accession negotiations with Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova once they meet the remaining conditions, according to two EU officials cited by Reuters.

Both officials, one of whom has seen a draft report from the European Commission before its official release and one familiar with its content, stated that the recommendations imply that official negotiations with Kiev and Chișinău could begin next year.

They added that the Commission’s report on enlargement, which will also cover the progress of other EU aspirants, must be finalized before official publication.

It’s worth recalling that on October 5, the European Parliament adopted a resolution with a large majority of votes recommending the start of accession negotiations for the Republic of Moldova with the EU by the end of 2023. Among other things, the resolution called for the permanent liberalization of trade with the European Union and the integration of the Republic of Moldova into the European single market before the completion of accession negotiations.

At the same time, European Parliament member Dacian Cioloș stated to Radio Moldova that our country has delivered positive results in meeting the recommendations received upon obtaining candidate status for EU accession.

Meanwhile, authorities in Chișinău affirm that the European agenda is a top priority for the Republic of Moldova, and efforts are being made to progress on every front so that accession negotiations with the European Union can be initiated by the end of the year.


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