EU Imposes Sanctions on Individuals Undermining Democracy in Moldova: President Sandu Thanks EU and Romania for Support

The European Union has adopted a new framework of specific restrictive measures that allow the bloc to impose sanctions against individuals responsible for supporting or implementing actions that undermine or threaten the sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Moldova. This decision was announced by the country’s President, Maia Sandu, who expressed her gratitude to the EU and Romania for their support in maintaining stability and security in Moldova through the imposition of individual sanctions on those seeking to provoke destabilization.

The new framework will enable the EU to target individuals who obstruct or undermine the democratic political process or attempt to overturn the constitutional order, including through acts of violence. Future restrictive measures could also target individuals who commit serious financial abuses of public funds and engage in unauthorized capital exports, to the extent that they could take control of state authorities’ activities.


Sanctions will involve freezing assets and prohibiting the provision of funds to individuals and entities, as well as a travel ban within the EU for individuals, according to the European Council’s press release.

President Sandu praised the EU’s support for Moldova’s European path and for ensuring peace and stability in the region. She expressed her satisfaction with the decision and its potential impact on the country’s democratic processes, adding that it was a clear demonstration of the EU’s support for Moldova and its efforts to maintain a democratic political process.

The adoption of the new regime of sanctions represents an important milestone for Moldova, as it provides a mechanism for addressing threats to its sovereignty and independence. The EU’s support for Moldova’s democratic processes and its commitment to ensuring the country’s security and stability will undoubtedly help the country move forward on its European path.

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