EU Launches Talks with Ukraine and Moldova, Grants Candidate Status to Georgia

In a significant move, the European Council has decided to open accession negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova, marking a pivotal step toward deeper integration. The decision underscores the commitment to fostering ties and cooperation with these countries.

Moreover, the European Council has granted candidate status to Georgia, acknowledging its progress towards meeting the criteria for EU membership. The Council’s decision signals recognition of Georgia’s efforts and paves the way for further collaboration.

Additionally, the EU expressed its intention to commence negotiations with Bosnia and Herzegovina once the necessary degree of compliance with membership criteria is achieved. The European Council has invited the commission to provide a comprehensive report by March, aiming to facilitate a decision on opening negotiations.

Charles Michel emphasized that these developments send a clear signal of hope, both for the people of these nations and for the broader European continent. The decision reflects the EU’s commitment to an inclusive and collaborative approach, fostering stability and prosperity in the region.


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