Republic of Moldova Begins EU Accession Negotiations: A Triumph for Democracy and Progress

President Maia Sandu announced a historic milestone today as the European Union gave its approval for the Republic of Moldova to commence negotiations for accession. This unexpected decision marks a significant leap forward, with President Sandu declaring, “Today’s decision is a victory for us all and a ‘yes’ to our European future.”

President Sandu attributed the success to the collective efforts of Moldovan society, emphasizing the commitment to democracy and prosperity. Just two years ago, the idea of accession negotiations seemed improbable, highlighting the remarkable progress achieved.

“We are Europeans, and this is recognized by the entire EU. Today’s decision signifies our shared commitment to a European future,” President Sandu stated, acknowledging the unwavering belief of Moldovans in their country’s potential.

This pivotal step forward in Moldova’s journey toward EU integration is seen as a beacon of hope and progress. As negotiations kick off, Moldova aims to align its policies with EU norms, paving the way for economic prosperity and strengthened democratic institutions.

The international community has voiced support for Moldova’s accession, recognizing the positive impact it could have on regional stability. Moldova now stands on the cusp of a new era, ready for progress, unity, and closer ties with the European Union.


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