European Union Bolsters Eastern Neighborhood with a 50 Million Euro Increase. Moldova to get the most of it

The European Union’s budget for 2024 foresees more money for the Republic of Moldova. Specifically, Brussels will offer 50 million euros more for the Eastern Neighborhood, and most of these funds will reach Chișinău.

“In the European Union’s Budget for the year 2024, we’ve negotiated an increase of 50 million euros for the Eastern Neighborhood, particularly directed towards the Republic of Moldova. We aim to increase support for Moldova in the coming period to prepare it for accession to the European Union. Our goal is to assist its development, and modernization, and raise the standard of living for its people,” announced Romanian MEP Siegfried Mureșan, the chief negotiator for the European Union’s Budget 2024 and the president of the European Parliament Delegation to the EU-Moldova Parliamentary Association Committee.

The EU’s budget for 2024 amounts to over 189 billion euros.

“Most importantly, we’ve managed to reject the proposed cuts by the Council and increased allocations in key areas: research, the ‘Erasmus+’ program, young farmers, the European Neighborhood, including the Republic of Moldova, and EU security. It’s a good agreement. Good for Romania and good for Europe,” emphasized Mureșan.

Previously, Mureșan reiterated that the Republic of Moldova is a “priority” for the European Union, and since October 2021, Brussels has mobilized over 1.2 billion euros to support the authorities and citizens of the Republic of Moldova in overcoming the energy crisis and economic and security challenges they face.

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