Successful Performance by Moldovan Boxers at Golden Gong International Tournament in Skopje

The boxers from the Grimăncăuți Specialized Sports School showcased an impressive display at the international Golden Gong tournament held in Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia. This commendable performance was marked by victories across various weight categories.

Davron Bozorov (71 kg), Vlad Gavriliuc (80 kg), Andrei Zaplitnîi (92 kg), and Alexei Zavatin (+92 kg) stood victorious in their respective weight classes, exhibiting skill and determination. Additionally, Maxim Telipiz secured the second position in the 63.5 kg category, further contributing to the team’s success.

Notably, Vlad Gavriliuc received recognition as the most technically proficient boxer in the competition, adding an individual highlight to the team’s achievements.

The success of these athletes not only underscores their dedication and talent but also reflects the rigorous training and guidance provided by the Grimăncăuți Specialized Sports School. Their accomplishments serve as a testament to the promising future of boxing in the region, inspiring other young athletes and garnering praise for their remarkable performances on an international platform.


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