EUROSFAT 2023: Focusing on European Integration and Strategic Horizons

After numerous successful editions in Romania, for the first time, the largest Romanian forum on European business – EUROSFAT, is expanding into the Republic of Moldova.

With the theme ‘European Union and New Horizons,’ the event will bring together European officials and experts from both Romania and the Republic of Moldova. Discussions will focus on strategic directions for our country’s European integration, judicial reform, energy security, combating disinformation, geopolitical context, democracy, good governance, economic development, sustainability, and crisis resilience.

The forum will take place on November 28 in Chișinău and from November 27-30 in Bălți, Ungheni, and Ceadîr-Lunga.

On November 28, the Chișinău event – EUROSFAT 2023 forum – will be held at Digital Park (15 Mihai Viteazul Street) starting at 09:00 and will be live-streamed on and RLIVE TV.


During the Chișinău forum, participants will discuss the progress made by our country over a year since receiving the status of a candidate country for EU accession, considering the level of fulfillment of the 9 recommendations of the European Commission. The discussions will also cover the prospects for opening accession negotiations with the EU and regional development projects between Moldova and Romania.

Experts will address topics such as democracy, good governance, justice, economic development, sustainability, demographics, and crisis resilience during the forum.

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