Excursion of journalists to Mimi Castle: what’s new did they learn about the preparations for the summit?

A group of Moldovan journalists visited the Mimi Castle to see how the final preparations for the European Political Community summit on June 1 are going.

During the press tour, Olga Rosca, Maia Sandu’s adviser, said that almost 2000 guests are expected in Chisinau. She also noted that Turkey and Bulgaria have not yet confirmed the application for participation in the event.

Bulboaka’s Mayor Mihai Platon, in turn, noted that 95% of the work in the village has been completed, “it remains to complete the landscaping, mow the grass.”

“Four entrances to the city, four stops have been installed, street lighting has been installed, parking has been arranged, and two fences have been painted in the colors of the tricolor”.

Mihai Platon also said that on June 1, economic agents in Bulboaca will not work, and the road from the airport to the city will be closed.

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