Experts: Moldova needs EU support to develop and defend our country against hybrid attacks

EU experts commented on President Maia Sandu’s statement, issued in Brussels, regarding offering Moldova and Ukraine a Marshall Plan for the 21st century. They noted that the phrase reflects Moldova’s urgent need for EU support to develop and defend the country from hybrid attacks, as reported by

Petru Macovei, the director of the Independent Press Association, emphasized the importance of Moldova having a sustainable economy beyond the mere embrace of European values and the rule of law by the majority of its citizens. He highlighted the necessity of supporting Moldovan producers to enable them to compete in the demanding European markets while increasing their income.

Valeriu Saharneanu, a political commentator, emphasized Moldova’s current need for support to overcome the destruction caused by years of oligarchic plundering and the country’s status as a satellite of Russia. He interpreted Maia Sandu’s appeal as a call for less bureaucratic red tape from the EU and more active involvement in assisting Moldova.


Saharneanu stressed the importance of Moldovan citizens feeling the benefits of the society they aspire to, especially in the face of a hybrid war, where misinformation and financial influence pose significant threats. He warned that Moldova risks losing support in future electoral races without tangible benefits.

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