Exploring Art and Culture at the Enigmatic House in Chișinău: Concerts, Exhibitions, Film Archives, and Collaborative Celebrations

A well-known place not only for every resident of Chișinău but also for the capital’s guests is the house on Eminescu Street in the constructivist style, brought to life by architect Nicolae Merț in 1939. On June 30th, NXNHouse will present the cultural program “Nectar” – an interactive guide to the house, which will encompass various artistic resources that have been formed in this space.

The house found its creative life thanks to art history specialist Irina Kalashnikova and filmmaker Vitali Kalashnikov, who established the first private art museum in Moldova called Coral in this house.

Today, the cultural life of the house is continued by Nikita Kalashnikov, the son of the renowned filmmaker and art historian, translator, and music promoter. Now, it is not just an art museum but an art center – a place of attraction for musicians and artists. Concerts, exhibitions, conferences, and performances are the main elements of the art center’s life, known as NXNHouse.


The program of independent art begins on Friday, June 30th, at 15:00.

Upon entering, you first arrive in the gallery, where there is an exhibition of contemporary Moldovan artists from the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s. On the television screen, a program about Moldovan artists, created by art historian Irina Kalashnikova and broadcasted on Moldovan television in 2007, will be played.

In the second room, you will find the film archives of cinematographer and director Vitali Kalashnikov from the “Moldova-Film” Studio: photographs from the film set, scripts, and other working documents. Famous Moldovan films such as “Lăutarii” (1971), “Dmitri Cantemir” (1973), “Florile de câmp” (1980), and many documentaries were created here.

The heart of the house is the comfortable inner courtyard, beloved by young musicians. The evening program will consist of a tea ceremony, concerts, a jam session by the fire in the garden, DJ raves, as well as collaborative artistic projects.

Where? Mihai Eminescu Street, 36.

For more details about participating in the event, you can see here.

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