Moldova Opens its Doors: Work Permits No Longer Required for Foreigners!

On Wednesday, June 28, the Cabinet of Ministers voted to amend the Law on the Regime of Foreigners, abolishing work permits for citizens from the 27 European Union countries, as well as other states, who wish to work in the Republic of Moldova.

According to the Government, this decision aims to stimulate the country’s economic development potential and enhance its attractiveness for investment by granting large companies access to qualified resources from other countries.

“We are introducing amendments to the Law on the Regime of Foreigners in the Republic of Moldova to facilitate our companies’ access to growth, skills, and innovation, which necessitates a workforce. Both large and small companies would be able to grow more rapidly if they had the opportunity to hire additional labor. This structural limitation has hindered us from achieving accelerated economic growth,” stated Vice Prime Minister Dumitru Alaiba.

The amendments enable citizens from the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, Japan, Ukraine, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Balkan states to work in the Republic of Moldova without the need for a work permit.

Furthermore, foreign students will be granted the right to work additional hours, based solely on their temporary residence permits for studies.

By removing the requirement for work permits, the Republic of Moldova aims to attract foreign talent, foster innovation, and drive economic growth. The measure is expected to create a favorable environment for companies, both domestic and foreign, to expand their operations, tapping into a broader pool of skilled labor.

The decision aligns with the government’s vision of positioning the Republic of Moldova as an attractive destination for investment, stimulating economic competitiveness, and fostering a dynamic and inclusive labor market.

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