Famous YouTubers that visited Moldova

Moldova is known as the least visited country in Europe. A number of famous vloggers have decided to find out why that is. They have visited the biggest cities, tried the local cuisine and talked with the locals. Although everyone experienced Moldova differently, most of them agreed that international tourists should give it a try and that the country should become much more famous than it is. Among the vloggers that posted videos about their visit are:

Dabble and Travel

Molly and Matt are a couple that quit their careers to travel around the world. They became popular quite fast, now counting 173k subscribers. They described Moldova as a beautiful country, with great food and amazing wine. See their full experience in the video below:

Bald and Bankrupt.

Perhaps one of the most controversial video made about Moldova, one which created a lot of discussion and reactions, was the one made by Benjamin Rich, the English traveler and author known for his YouTube channel Bald and Bankrupt. He made a series of 6 videos about his 1-month stay in Moldova. He criticized the infrastructure in Chisinau and people in Transnistria. Although he also found nice things about Moldova, such as the food and wine, Rich said he could understand why Moldova is the least visited country in Europe. See the series of videos below:

Connor Clyne – Tsar Experience

Connor Clyne, once a lawyer in Ireland, has turned into a “a full-time YouTuber living and traveling in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova and occasionally Central Asia”, with a “passion for the Russian language, avoiding tourist traps, partying hard and dating beautiful women”.

As a response to the series of videos made by Benjamin Rich, Clyne’s video is called “Is Moldova as bad as MR BALD claims? To his surprise, Clyne discovers that BALD’s videos have had an impact, and the infamous underpass has been completely renovated.

Jason Billam Travel

Jason Billam, another UK-born traveler, is perhaps the most famous YouTuber from this list, since his channel counts over 537k subscribers. Just like Connor Clyne, Jason is also commenting on his fellow youtuber Benjamin Rich’s video, observing that things in Moldova had started to change since the film posted on Bald and Bankrupt has become viral. One of the most exciting parts of Jason’s video is his visit to “piata centrala”, the main market of the country. There, he discovers lots of interesting products, people and experiences. See his video below:

Jason Smart

We’re ending the list with a small video made by another famous YouTuber, Jason Smart. This time, the vlogger walks all around the city and films everything that he sees in his little sightseeing tour. Curious? See Jason Smart’s video below:

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