Farmers demand the establishment of a state of emergency in agriculture

At the joint meeting of the Boards of Directors of the National Federation of Farmers, the Forța Fermierilor Association and the Moldova Fruit Association, the farmers expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that the Ministry of Agriculture refuses to institute a state of emergency in agriculture following the drought that affected farmers.

“State of emergency are not legal conditions why? The talks with the bankers and the ministries are good, but the stones with the farmers’ problems fall on your head. Many will not be able to do autumn work”, replied Vasile Mîrzenco, executive director of the Farmers’ Federation, to Minister Bolea’s refusal to decree a state of emergency in agriculture .

The state of emergency in agriculture gives the affected farmers the right to defer payments due to private creditors (banks, micro-finance organizations, input suppliers, project implementation units, etc.) without calculating penalties, but also grants the affected farmers some fiscal facilities, in particular, the possibility of using VAT in the account to pay taxes and contributions.


Minister Vladimir Bolea stated that for now there are no legal conditions for the establishment of the state of emergency and that the farmers’ problems are being discussed at the government.

Farmers, emerging from the sad experience of 2020, brought multiple arguments in favor of formalizing the right of agricultural producers to postpone due payments as a legal guarantee against abuses by creditors. Farmers no longer trust verbal promises

At the farmers’ meeting, the farmers were also dissatisfied with the bureaucracy they face when obtaining approvals and permits to use water for irrigation.

“We are sent to the Public Property Agency, an institution that sends us to the Moldavian Waters and then again to the Moldavian Waters. It’s a vicious circle that doesn’t suffocate”, claim the farmers.

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