FINAL VOTE: Ukrainian refugees working in the Republic of Moldova will now receive medical insurance

Moldovan Members of Parliament have approved the second reading of a draft amendment to several laws guaranteeing health insurance for those who work in the country.

“The project, developed by the Ministry of Health in partnership with the National Health Insurance Company, ensures that insured persons and temporary protection beneficiaries retain their status after the emergency period. All individuals covered by the compulsory health insurance system will enjoy the same rights and obligations as Moldovan citizens. The status of the insured person will be granted or suspended based on the information related to employment relationships for the determination of social and medical rights submitted by employers to the State Tax Service. Previously, refugees from Ukraine employed in our country had the status of medical insurance, by derogation from the legislation, based on the provision of the Commission for Exceptional Situations,” indicates the communication issued by the Parliament.

According to the latest figures, 1,302 Ukrainian nationals were employed in our country at the beginning of February. Expenditure on medical services from compulsory health insurance funds is paid within the financial means approved in the Law on Compulsory Health Insurance Funds for 2024.


The Parliament voted to make it easier for unemployed people to get health insurance.

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