The fair of quarries and craftsmen in Ialoveni offered more opportunities to locals

Ialoveni in Moldova hosted the event: the Jobs and Crafts Fair, part of the project “Increasing Resilience through Employment and Social Cohesion.” People gathered from all corners of the region to explore the opportunities offered by employers and talented artisans in Ialoveni.

Project manager Natalia Hadei emphasized the critical importance of the event in matching supply and demand, facilitating the meeting between employers and job seekers. The project aimed to help Ukrainian refugees and the local community get along better.

“The job and craft fair is organized to match supply and demand as closely as possible. Through these efforts that we make together with our partners, we try to ensure that both refugees benefit from their stay in Moldova and locals can take advantage of the advantages or benefits that people bring to our country,” said Natalia Hadei.

HEKS-EPER Moldova Country Director Peter Fenoy expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to participate and share the event with the local community.

“For us at HEKS-EPER, it is a privilege to be here and to share (the event) with your community,” said Peter Fenoy.

With 17 employers present at the fair and varied job offers in the public and private sectors, visitors had the opportunity to explore various career opportunities. Mayor Sergiu Armasu stressed the importance of the event in offering opportunities to all residents, including young people: “It is an event that gives opportunities to all residents, including young people, to get a job. We can only thank our partners who organized and ran this event.”

Thanks to the efforts of HEKS-EPER Moldova, participants interested in IT had access to an advanced program of courses accredited by Google. 


“With the support of Inco and, we will open a program of IT courses in Moldova. The project is called “Work in Tech Moldova.” We will offer 500 licenses to participants. They will be able to study four different specializations: UX design, project management, IT support, and e-marketing. So, after they fill in our form, they will be contacted by our team. Subsequently, participants will have access to the Coursera platform, where they will engage with the courses for approximately 10 or 12 hours per week. On average, the training will last three to four months. By the end of the course, you will receive a certificate certified by, which will open up job opportunities,” said Ilinka Leger, Reporting and Grants Manager HEKS-EPER Moldova.

Around 20 local craftsmen proudly exhibited their creations. The program included a recital by local artists and a raffle with prizes.

The next fair of the project is in Chisinau on 29 May. It showed that jobs and craftspeople can help social cohesion. 

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