Finnish Ambassador’s Meaningful Visit to Moldova: Supporting Cultural Initiatives and Combating Domestic Violence

The Finnish Ambassador to Moldova, based in Bucharest, visited Chisinau. Leena Liukkonen toured “Casa Mărioarei” and the National Library for Children “Ion Creangă.”

“We candidly shared information about the situation in the Republic of Moldova, emphasizing our strong commitment to the community and detailing the programs and services we have devotedly offered for over two decades.

Ambassador Leena Liukkonen showed profound interest and was impressed by the positive impact we generate in supporting victims of domestic violence. Generously, she contributed to the development of our organization’s library with an initial donation of beautiful and captivating children’s books.

This remarkable visit is an integral part of the campaign led by the Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova, Liliana Gutan, accredited in the Nordic countries,” announced the “Casa Mărioarei” Center.

The institution thanked Liliana Guțan, the Moldovan Ambassador to Sweden, Iceland, Finland, and Norway, for their consistent support and interest. The initiative she leads aims to promote Nordic books in our country and create a safer environment while reducing domestic violence in Moldova.

In turn, the Moldovan diplomat expressed gratitude to everyone involved in the project, stating that she is delighted that the efforts have borne fruit, and the country’s libraries, including “Casa Mărioarei,” will be richer.

“Andrei Pleșu said, ‘Books are how people have wings like angels…’. You are doing the work of guardian angels for the women and children in Moldova who need it! We are committed to continuing our efforts to introduce as many Moldovans as possible to the world of literature from the Scandinavian countries and Finland!” conveyed Liliana Guțan.

At the National Library for Children, Leena Liukkonen made book donations translated from Finnish into Romanian. Additionally, a new generous donation from Sweden reached the National Library, thanks to Liliana Guțan’s contribution, who aimed to intensify cultural relations from the beginning of her mandate, as reported by the Moldovan embassy in Sweden.

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