Gas – cheaper on the stock market, but remains at a high price for Moldovans

The tariffs for the population remain, for now, at 29.26 lei per cubic meter as a result of the financial deviations accumulated by Moldovagaz during the year. The price of methane at the Amsterdam hub is estimated at USD 821.5 per thousand cubic meters.

“In the regulated natural gas supply prices effective from October 1, 2022, the purchase price is defined as the annual average price and is included in the tariff at the level of US$ 926.94 per thousand cubic meters, or 17,906, 35 lei. At the same time, the actual purchase price in October 2022 was USD 1,026.36 per thousand cubic meters, while in November it is expected to be USD 821.58 per thousand cubic meters,” he claims the president of Moldovagaz, Vadim Ceban.

According to him, the effective purchase price in August 2022 was US$1,458.92 per thousand cubic meters, and in September US$1,882.78 per thousand cubic meters, while at the approved regulated prices, paid by the consumer from August 12, 2022, the purchase price was set at USD 899.08 per thousand cubic meters.


As a result, it did not cover the real purchase price of natural gas, which caused the accumulation of imposing negative tariff deviations only for August and September in the amount of 902.5 million lei. At the same time, the total amount of tariff deviations of SA “Moldovagaz” for the period January-September 2022 amounts to 5.095 billion lei, and according to the legislation they are to be compensated by inclusion in the tariff.

In the structure of the current regulated prices, only a part of the accumulated tariff deviations is included in the amount of 1.817 billion lei, or 4 590 lei for a thousand cubic meters. Thus, the real premises for the revision of tariffs for the final consumer against the background of the decrease in purchase prices will appear after the full compensation of the accumulated negative tariff deviations.

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