The Republic of Moldova reduces electricity consumption!

The first week of responsible electricity consumption allowed the reduction of consumption during peak hours and savings of 200 thousand Euros, announces the economist Veaceslav Ioniță, according to

According to Ioniță, electricity consumption in 2 daily peak hours, last week (October 24-30, 2022) was 6.4% lower than the previous week. Thus, last week’s peak hour power consumption was 764 MW or 53.5 MW less than the previous week when the power consumption was 817.5 MW.

“The purchase price of electricity in Romania is usually 1.76 lei/kWh, and emergency energy is purchased for up to 7 lei/kWh, or 5 times more expensive. At the price of emergency energy, the reduction of consumption during peak hours allows savings of around 200 thousand Euros per week, money that in case of excessive consumption will have to be included in the tariff”, Ioniță pointed out.


The Republic of Moldova is facing a severe energy crisis after the Cuciurgan Power Plant reduced electricity exports to 27% since October due to lower gas deliveries from Gazprom.

Our country was forced to purchase energy from Romania at a price of 90 euros per MW/h, and emergency energy from 190 euros to 360 euros MW/h.

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