A Russian missile was shot down and fell at Naslavcea!

The Ministry of Internal Affairs informs that it has taken all protective measures regarding the rocket that fell on the territory of Moldova, at Naslavcea. This morning, a missile was shot down by the Ukrainian anti-aircraft system and fell North of Naslavcea town, close to the border with Ukraine.

“At the moment, there are no victims, but the explosions manage to destroy windows of several homes in Naslavcea”, announces the MIA.


The Ukrainian authorities informed that this morning there was a drone attack on the Dnestrovsk dam. This was on the territory of Ukraine, at a distance of 1 km from the Naslavcea dam. The Russian attack did not affect the dam, but the electrical components related to the Ukrainian dam were under attack, targeting the electrical transformers.

Ukrainian authorities announce that there is no danger of flooding.

Currently, MIA forces have surrounded the area where the rocket fell, to avoid possible dangers. A group of experts is currently on spot.

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