Gavrilița will meet farmers from AFF

The Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița will have a meeting with the farmers within the Farmers’ Force Association (AFF). She will receive them in the context of their previously exposed requirements.

Gavrilița reacted to the farmers’ requests only after today, June 20, the president of AFF, Alexandr Slusari, announced that on Tuesday, June 21, in the districts of the country, the farmers will go out for a “warning protest” with their agricultural technique.

“It’s very late, but we have the reaction of the country’s leadership. Today, at 16:00, the representatives of the Farmers’ Force Association from several districts will have a meeting with the Prime Minister at her request “, it is shown in the AFF announcement.

Among the demands made by AFF are:

a) the refund to farmers (except for agroholdings) of excise duties in full amounts on all diesel, purchased by farmers in 2022, with the debureaucratization of the reimbursement mechanism;

b) partial compensation of the costs of diesel, fertilizers and pesticides in the context of exorbitant price increases of the last 6 months;

c) the non-admission of the deficit on the diesel market and the capping of the commercial margin for the oil companies for the wholesale sale of diesel up to 1.5 lei per liter;

d) unblocking the export of wheat or procuring in state reserves at least 100 thousand tons of wheat from local farmers.

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We point out that the requests to the authorities, regarding the provision of the necessary support by the Government and the Parliament to face the crises, were exposed by the farmers on June 13th. The Government did not react at their requests by now, that being the reason why the farmes resorted to the form of protest.

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