Gazprom cuts gas delivery volume to Moldova by 56%!

Gazprom cuts the volume of gas delivered to us by 56% in December, according to the decision of the Extraordinary Situations Commission (CSE), published on December 23. According to the authority, Moldovagaz refused to convene the extraordinary meeting of the Council of Observers.

Therefore, CSE decided to transmit 166.5 million cubic meters of natural gas to the left of the Dniester. The volume also includes that intended for the Cuciurgan plant, for the production of electricity.

Energocom remains responsible for procuring the electricity requested by the operators. The company will acquire the light as a result of direct negotiations or through exchanges, and the measure covers the period January-March 2023.


Other measures necessary that aim to ensure energy security are the advance transfer, to Termoelectrica, of the financial means necessary for the payment of compensation. According to estimates, about 200 million lei will be needed for this purpose, the money will be transferred to the company by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection (MMPS) from the Energy Vulnerability Reduction Fund.

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