Six commemorative coins were issued by NBM. One of them is dedicated to a bird species in the Red Book

Starting from December 23, the National Bank of Moldova puts into circulation six commemorative coins. They can be used as a means of payment and for numismatic purposes, writes

The “Personalities” series is completed with a commemorative coin dedicated to the 350th anniversary of the birth of Ion Neculce. He was the great Moldavian chronicler and prose writer, who made a remarkable contribution to the development of Romanian literature. He was the author of “Letopisețul Țării Moldovei”, which forever inscribed his name in the history and culture of Moldova.

The silver coin has a face value of 50 lei and a circulation of 250 units.

Another commemorative silver coin will complete the “Historical Events” series. It is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the coronation of King Ferdinand I and Queen Maria. This is an event of distinct importance in the history of Romania that took place in October 15, 1922.

The coin with the nominal value of 100 lei is issued in a circulation of 300 units.

The series “Holidays, culture, traditions of Moldova” is supplemented with a new commemorative silver coin. It has a nominal value of 50 lei and a circulation of 300 pieces dedicated to Vernacular Stone Architecture. A style of authentic local architecture, whose social circle encourages the preservation of ancient traditions.


The “Red Book of the Republic of Moldova” series is completed with a silver coin with a nominal value of 50 lei. It is representing the “Stone Blackbird (Monticola saxatilis)” – a legally protected bird species included in the Red Book. The coin has a mintage of 300 units.

The “Childhood Stories” series will include a new silver-plated tombac coin dedicated to the masterpiece “Childhood Memories” – an admirable expression of the creative force of the storyteller Ion Creangă. The coin has a nominal value of 20 lei and is issued in a circulation of 300 units.

The series of new commemorative coins from 2022 is completed with the silver coin dedicated to the “Tree of Life” country brand. The symbol represents the continuity and modernization of our country. Each branch is suggesting one of the strategic sectors of the economy of the Republic of Moldova. The coin with a nominal value of 50 lei will have a circulation of 1500 units.

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