Government of the Republic of Moldova in cooperation with the UN Refugee Agency continues to support refugees and local communities

Social and economic integration of Ukrainian refugees and planned actions to support them were discussed during the meeting of Prime Minister Dorin Recean with the representative of the UN Refugee Agency in the Republic of Moldova, Francesca Bonelli. The head of the executive branch appreciated the contribution of the UN agency in increasing the response capacity of the government and developing efficient mechanisms for managing the refugee crisis, emphasizing the openness to expand the cooperation framework to offer as many opportunities as possible to displaced persons from Ukraine and the communities that host them.

In this context, Prime Minister Dorin Recean spoke about the government’s priorities for the next period, emphasizing the continuation of humanitarian programs, facilitating the employment of refugees, supporting the integration of refugee children into the education system, and providing the necessary educational support. “We bear the responsibility to support these people in their integration into our society, and we rely on the cooperation of the UN Refugee Agency in this process,” said Prime Minister Dorin Recean.

Francesca Bonelli, in turn, emphasized that the Republic of Moldova has become an example internationally for the solidarity demonstrated by authorities and citizens, the immediate and efficient response to managing the refugee flow, and the development of the temporary protection tool for refugees.


“Even though we don’t have refugees at the border today, they need support here in the Republic of Moldova. At the same time, our common objective is to turn the presence of refugees into an opportunity for development for the country,” said the representative of the UN Refugee Agency, Francesca Bonelli.

Currently, according to the authorities, there are over 82 thousand Ukrainian refugees in the country.

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