EU Announces New Support Package for Moldova

During a visit to Chisinau, the President of the Council of the European Union, Charles Michel, announced that the EU is preparing a new support package for Moldova. Michel stated that Moldova had already received approximately one billion euros in support since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine and that the EU is ready to provide more political and macro-financial support.

“We have mobilized over one billion euros to support Moldova. We are ready to do even more. At our last meeting, the Member States requested the European Commission to present a support package by summer. We will continue to develop support tools, including political ones. It is important to provide macro-financial assistance. We need to have this disposition to support the people of Moldova through this assistance. This package will be significant, and of course, it will be discussed with the authorities of Moldova,” said Michel.

Moldovan President Maia Sandu emphasized that the country needs support to help both its citizens and businesses. According to her, support for businesses will drive the economy forward.

“We need to help small and medium-sized enterprises more. We want to increase the resources we can offer to businesses because that means we can develop our economy,” said Sandu.

This new support package is expected to aid Moldova’s economic recovery and strengthen its relationship with the EU. The details of the package are yet to be announced, but it is expected to be a significant investment in Moldova’s future.

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