Greening Moldova: President Sandu’s Reforestation Revolution

The head of state announces the beginning of the reforestation campaign this autumn, starting from November 11, within the National Reforestation Program.

President Maia Sandu mentions that, in total, this year, forests will be planted and regenerated on 7 thousand hectares of land. This spring, seedlings were already planted and forests regenerated on 3 thousand hectares of forested land, and in the coming weeks, seedlings will be planted on 4 thousand hectares, belonging to 168 municipalities throughout the country.

“I urge you all to participate in the greening action within the National Reforestation Program. Together, we can be part of the forest generation to have a greener country and a healthier environment for us and our children,” said President Maia Sandu.

The map of the lands for the entire reforestation campaign this autumn (November-December) can be accessed here – Generation of the Forest.

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