Igor Grosu: European Commission’s Decision Amplifies Our Resolve to Transform Moldova

Today’s decision by the European Commission determines that the authorities of the Republic of Moldova are more resolute in the process of transforming the Republic of Moldova through the reforms they are undertaking, stated the President of the Parliament, Igor Grosu.

“We welcome the decision of the European Commission recommending the initiation of negotiations for the accession of the Republic of Moldova to the European Union. This decision makes us even more determined in the process of transforming the Republic of Moldova through the reforms we are implementing. These reforms are primarily for our citizens, who deserve to live in a safe and free country.
The European Union is not just a brighter future for our children; the European Union means a better present for Moldovans, it means a strong economy, developed villages and cities, safety and security, reliable friends. We have a clear path ahead, we know where we are going – we want to build a European Moldova at home. We will succeed through unity, wise choices, and a lot of hard work,” wrote Igor Grosu on Facebook.

We note that on Wednesday, November 8, the European Commission recommended the opening of accession negotiations for the Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as granting candidate country status to Georgia.


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