Adina Vălean: Opening of Accession Negotiations Credits Moldovan Authorities’ Tremendous Efforts

The European Commissioner for Transport, Adina Vălean, has hailed the decision by the European Commission to recommend the start of accession negotiations with the Republic of Moldova. She emphasized the enormous efforts made by Moldovan authorities in the face of Russian pressures and a challenging geopolitical environment.

Vălean commended the citizens, the Recean government, and President Maia Sandu for their dedication to European integration. She pointed out that Moldova had faced numerous challenges, including cyberattacks, airspace violations, and energy-related pressures from Russia, but had persevered with determination and a European vision.

“I believe it’s appropriate to begin by congratulating the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, the Recean government, and President Maia Sandu! It has been an extraordinary effort made by each individual and, primarily, by the country’s political leadership in positioning Moldova to reach this point. Recently, the country has gone through an extraordinarily challenging period due to the war and the pressures exerted by Russia, not only through the conflict in Ukraine but also through constant pressures on the Republic of Moldova, perhaps through intermediaries. Let’s not forget how difficult it has been since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, with the various forms of pressure and difficulties that Russia has created in Moldova, from cyberattacks to violations of airspace, and even energy blackmail. Thanks to your unity, determination, firmness, and a European vision, you’ve managed to overcome all these challenges.

Last year, the Republic of Moldova obtained the status of a candidate country, and now, after such a short time, the necessary reforms and regulatory matters that were required are almost complete. The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and all the European Commissioners recognize these accomplishments as a success. We have a special appreciation for your achievements. I am absolutely confident that, following the recommendation we are making today to start the negotiations, the European Council will give the green light in December, and technical negotiations will commence in March.”

Moldova was granted candidate status last year, and Vălean expressed confidence that the European Council would approve the start of negotiations in December, with technical negotiations set to begin in March. She also highlighted the importance of infrastructure in Moldova’s path to EU integration and reiterated the European Union’s commitment to supporting Moldova’s infrastructure development.

Vălean underscored that Moldova’s progress toward EU integration was significant, particularly in the field of transportation and connectivity with Romania. She emphasized the need for Moldova to continue working towards its goals, as EU membership could lead to improved living standards and prosperity.

In conclusion, Vălean encouraged Moldova to maintain its commitment to the European path, as it was the right course of action for the country’s future. She expressed optimism about the country’s continued progress and success in the integration process.


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