Nicu Popescu: A New Stage in the Relationship between the Republic of Moldova and the EU

“The European Commission’s Recommendation on Opening Accession Negotiations Marks a New Stage in Moldova’s Relationship with the European Union, Signifying a Day of Great Significance for the Country. Statements to this effect were made by Vice Prime Minister Nicu Popescu, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, as reported by IPN.

According to Nicu Popescu, the Commission’s opinion represents a strong sign of support for the country’s European objective and recognition of the substantial progress made by the Republic of Moldova since obtaining the candidate country status in June 2022. This progress includes the successful implementation of EU recommendations, ongoing reforms contributing to the development of the rule of law and administrative capacity, achieving energy independence, active foreign policy with a high degree of alignment with EU messages, and more.

“From this day forward, we continue working with the EU Member States and the European Commission to prepare our country for negotiations. Working groups are already formed, and we are in the midst of the self-assessment process regarding the alignment of national legislation with the European acquis,” wrote Nicu Popescu on a social media platform.


On November 8, the European Commission recommended the opening of accession negotiations with the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine to the European Union. The announcement was made by Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission, who presented the EU Enlargement Report. The final decision on commencing negotiations with Moldova will be made by the member states at the European Council meeting on December 14-15.”

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