Heavy traffic at Chisinau Airport! Minister Spinu announces when authorities will build a new terminal

At the aviation event held in May, Infrastructure Minister Andrei Spinu announced the start of the feasibility study for the new terminal construction at Chisinau Airport. It will have the capacity to handle over 5 million passengers annually. Given that last year the airport had 2.8 million passengers and this year has already seen a 30% increase, this project becomes essential to manage the growing flow of travelers.

“A new terminal, if we stick to our timetable, would be built in about five years. So this thing is not happening fast,” Spinu said. The minister explained why it was significant to seize control of the airport from an organized criminal group: “Normally, we should have already completed these studies and designs.”

When asked how he would cope with the growing number of travelers until completing the new terminal, Spinu emphasized the need to improve the airport’s current infrastructure. “We will try to improve the airport, improve processes. We need more border guards and customs workers to ensure faster processing. Including investing in technology.”


Spinu also mentioned the importance of implementing automated passport control scanners, already used in many European airports, to digitize and speed up document verification. Work is currently underway to rehabilitate the parking lots and a portion of the runways, as well as to purchase security equipment.

“All infrastructure projects take time to get right. We can execute tasks rapidly, but we must do these projects well,” Infrastructure Minister Andrei Spinu concluded on Rlive TV’s “Realitatea te Priveste.”

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